Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia We understand varied needs of the hospitality industry So we can develop with you the special finishes, textures and materials you need.

Scade Concepts has over 20 years of experience in contract design, volume manufacturing so in developing specialized finishes for international clients.

We receive custom furniture design based on customer design. outdoor &  indoor, decorative lighting, and craft for your hospitality projects.

We are concern in giving you high-quality furniture that’s made to last. So Products are checked with our deep experience of furniture making and quality control procedures.

Indonesian furniture

Scade Concepts Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers offers Indonesia furniture, exporter of indoor furniture and outdoor furniture for project, decorative lighting, home decor, and craft with retail & wholesale prices. Because Our high-quality furniture products for homes, restaurant, resorts, villas, apartments, hospitality, private house, and hotel projects furniture manufacturers Indonesia. We are Teak Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers and Teak Indoor Furniture Manufacturers.

All kinds of Indonesian furniture are from teak wood, wooden mahogany, indoor teak wood and contemporary & modern, reclaimed teak wooden and  rattan synthetic, solid teak wood, also stainless steel.


Our Services

We make things happen! So we can product furniture based on your demand in term of size, style an material.

So we offer full scale interior service from conceptual design, technical drawing & 3D modelling, all the way to manufacturing.  Because deliver on time no delays because no excuse.

Furniture Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

Product Design

But our unique and contemporary design follow the actual tendencies by enhancing your interior into prestigious living space.

So our professionalism and signature could be appreciated in many 5 star hotels, resorts, luxurious retail shops and apartments around the globe.

Research & Development

Our department relies on its strong local and high educated team.

So the appropriate and well developed infrastructure offers a fast and effective customer service, which includes a professional support using latest CAD version and technical drawings.

Manufacturing Furniture Indonesia

The quality control on each step of the manufacturing process is our strength to ensure to improve the quality standards.

So Our milling department is carried out by wood working machines but the assembling process is made by professional furniture craftsmen.

Material We Use