Scade Concepts is a furniture manufacturer with wide range of products that are beautifully and timeless made from natural rattan, synthetic rattan, and wood furniture. Located in Jepara – Central Java, Indonesia.

With our experience for over than 20 years of exporting furniture nationwide, we have global point of view and international quality standards, which will give you ideas and inspiration of furniture.

we also help you to find, decorate, and design the perfect furniture for any kind of needs both for indoor and outdoor. From the best material we also diverse array of sofa set, dining set, chair, table, garden furniture, bar set for home, hotel, restaurant, resort, and many more.

We provide high quality material for rattan, such as natural rattan, water hyacinth, bananas, seagrass and kobogray. Moreover, we also provide synthetic material, such as viro and rehau while wood furniture made by teak, mahogany, and reclaimed teak.

Along with it, we always strive for an excellence of service, giving you exceptional satisfaction that is simply our commitment and key value to our company. From finding ideas, design, choosing materials, processing, constructing, finishing, and packaging to delivers, with the finest elaboration and quality.

Most of our clients, predominantly from Maldives, Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Tahiti, Germany, and Bali. This is the quality that has made Balinese furniture extremely attractive to our customers from other countries, who have come to realize that the furniture has unique characteristics.

Our factory is located in Jepara.. Our more than 200 members of staff and brand new and advanced machinery, allows us to manufacture large quantities of products. We make products using our standard designs or according to the specific requirements of the customer.